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BAMSL Assist: Helping Each Other Through Our Inboxes

Dear BAMSL Member:

In my experience the vast majority of attorneys are usually willing to offer their time and talents to help others in their time of greatest need. Unfortunately, our profession and its demands on our time, in addition to our other obligations, keeps us from helping others as much as we would like. A new program being introduced and implemented by BAMSL is an opportunity for us to offer assistance to our community without needing to leave the comfort of our desks, home offices, or even your favorite w-fi “hot spots”.

The program is called BAMSL Assist. I have borrowed the idea from my time spent practicing in New Orleans, Louisiana, where they have a similar program that has been in place for a number of years. The program is designed for members of the legal community (including all the support staff in your offices) to seek assistance from each other. This is all accomplished through requests placed by e-mail to the program. The requests are screened and then forwarded to those who have agreed to be on the list of people willing to lend their assistance. The person requesting the assistance has the option of being contacted directly by those able to help, or if they wish to remain anonymous, offers of assistance can be routed back through the program.

Your first question may be, “What can I ask the program for help with?” The answer may sound trite, but truly there is no request too big or too small. Here are some examples of frequent assistance requests through the Louisiana program: donations of blood for someone involved in an accident or awaiting surgery; requests for donations of frequent flyer miles for someone who needs to undergo medical treatment out of state as well as lodging at those locations; someone moving offices may have books or furniture they would be willing to donate to a young attorney starting out as a solo practitioner; or someone may have a personal emergency that requires them to move quickly and they need help packing. These are all examples of things that have been successfully handled through the Louisiana program that may seem small, but to the person needing the help, they may be the biggest thing in the world.

Getting involved in the program is very easy. If you would like to be involved, all we need is your e-mail address. Just fill out this form and you will be added!

Thanks in advance for your support.


John J. Fischesser II
BAMSL Assist Committee Chair

Contact Us: The Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis, 555 Washington Avenue., Suite 100, St. Louis, MO 63101-1249    Phone:  (314) 421-4134     Fax:  (314) 421-0013     E-mail:  bamsl@bamsl.org